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Bruce Willis is Battling Crazy Zombies in Space – Official Trailer for ‘Breach’

The science fiction movie Breach has Die Hard’s Bruce Willis taking on the undead in space. Watch the official trailer now.

Breach with Bruce Willis – Official Trailer

Someone who knows a thing or two about science fiction is Bruce Willis. He’s starred in classics like 12 Monkeys, Looper and The Fifth Element. He’s taking on come crazy zombies in his latest sci-fi movie Breach. The official trailer just dropped. It features Thomas Jane and Rachel Nichols battling alongside Willis. You can watch Breach from the comfort of your home when it hits VOD Dec. 18.

Breach Home Premiere: December 18, 2020

The science fiction movie Breach is directed by John Suits. It stars Bruce Willis, Johnny Messner, Thomas Jane, Rachel Nichols, Corey Large, Alexander Kane, Cody Kearsley and Kassandra Clementi.

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